How to Download your images using Pixieset


You've received an email with a link to your gallery... now what?? I have created a step-by-step tutorial on how to access and download your images.

  1. Open the email I sent you, and it should look similar to the image below. This email will include your Password and Download PIN

2. Click the grey "View Photos" button:

3. A new window will open asking for a

password to enter your password 

protected gallery which gives you

access to all of your images and , and

offers you special features which

includes marking images favourite and



Enter the Client Password included in the email I sent you.

4.  Your gallery link will open to reveal your

gallery! Simply scroll down to view the

gallery thumbnails. Simply click on an

image to open a larger view of the


5.  When you are ready to download your

images, click on the “Download Icon” in

the top, right corner of the gallery.

​**Please note that images cannot be downloaded to mobile phones, iPads or other tablets at this time and must be downloaded to a laptop or desktop**

6.  A new window will open that will ask 

you for your Email address and the 4-

​ Digit-PIN that was provided in your

email I sent you.

7.  A “Loading” screen will appear. Wait for

it to finish loading, and then make

sure your downloadable galleries are

selected. Select the quality options you

wish to download. Keep in mind that

Web Size images are great for social

media and emailing but DO NOT print

well. High resolution images are great

for printing and will download the full,

original resolution quality.

8.  After making your selections, click the

"Start Download" button, and your

download link will be sent to your email.

If you wish to stay on the page, the

download link will appear on this page

when it is ready. This may take a few

minutes. Click the link either in your

email or on this page and your photos

will begin downloading immediately!

Opening Your Photos After Download:

  1. Your photos will be downloaded as a ".zip" file folder. Check the downloads section in your computer, and follow the instructions below to un-zip your files based on the type of computer you own!
  2. How to Unzip files in Windows:
  3. How to unzip files on your Mac:​​